MISAI is a slow-made and small-batch jewelry art and accessories brand based in the Twin Cities, Minnesota created by designer and owner, Sai Chang as an ode to her mother.

MISAI derives inspiration from vintage Hmong craftswomenship/craftswomxnship, celebrates creative expression, self-discovery, and is deeply rooted in culture and community. Our hope is that when you wear a MISAI piece, you feel as if you can do anything. Because you can.

Sai or Ntxhais, as it's spelled in Hmong, means "girl" or "daughter" depending on context. "Mi" is a term of endearment, much like saying "my sweet" or "my dear." To this day, Sai's mother still greets her as her mi ntxhais/mi Sai.


About Sai: Sai has always been creative at heart but building space and providing platforms for artists took precedence. As someone who has always worked behind the scenes, MISAI is a big move to the front.

Prior to starting MISAI, Sai led the Center of Hmong Arts and Talent fashion show, Fresh Traditions from 2011 to 2016 where she worked with up and coming Hmong fashion designers that did not fit the usual western euro style. During her leadership, the shows sold out every year. As she parted with Fresh Traditions, she made space for MISAI.